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May 2018 General Assembly Meeting

Tuesday May 01, 2018

Caboto Club

Guest Speaker:


   Dr. Paola Marignani was born and raised in Windsor Ontario and attended FJ Brennan High School where she excelled in competitive sports including volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, badminton, and the Knights of Columbus Track club. Dr. Marignani completed grades12/13 in one year after which she represented Windsor and Canada as a youth ambassador to Sweden through the Rotary District 6400.

   Upon her return to Canada, she pursued sciences at the University of Windsor where she worked throughout the school year and summers as a technician for the Great Lakes Institute. Dr. Marignani received her Honours BSc from the University of Windsor, followed by a MSc in neuropathology from Western Ontario, and her doctorate in membrane biophysics from McMaster University. While at McMaster Dr. Marignani was involved in University governance-the Board of Governors and Senate Committees.

   She continued her Fellowship training at Harvard where she developed new high throughput cloning technologies and pursued proteomic technologies. She returned to Canada in 2000 to The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute and the Ontario Cancer Institute where she focused on protein communication processes in cancer.

   Dr. Marignani joined the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie in January 2003 where she and her team have re-engineered mice to develop human breast and lung cancers that have allowed for the discovery of new drug combinations to halt the growth of breast tumours. In addition to her cancer research, Dr. Marignani leveraged her neuroscience background and has designed mice that develop human dementia with the goal to identify new biomarkers for this family of diseases.

   Most recently Dr. Marignani has developed patient-centric pipelines for precision medicine that will improve health outcomes and quality of life for people living with cancer.


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